Hmmm, today was a me day.  I made a date for coffee with a girlfriend at 10:30.  Then the hair dresser at 1:00.  But at 3:20 I was still sitting in foils like a roast chicken and it was time for the school run.  So they had no time for a leisurely wash and massage nor a blow.  I had to dash out with wet hair but they kindly invited me back on Friday so I don’t miss out on those nice bits.


Today I needed one of those “gobbler” things.  They have one on the “how do I look show”.  It eats all the hideous clothes.  I went through my underwear draw and threw out anything baggy or saggy.  And my pyjama draw.  I had to stop there and dash down to top up at Woolies.  Then I packed and folded (into storage) everything in my cupboard that does not currently fit.  

It looks quite sparse but it will be much easier to navigate in the mornings.  And less depressing.

I’m opening my eyes to see “me”.  I’ve not spent much time doing that this past decade.  Now its time.

My goals will be small like walking on the treadmill or stopping to buy flowers.

Or maybe just pausing to look in the mirror.