The sms I received on 18 July 10:31am.

Out of the blue.  Regarding my kids who had recently returned from Europe.

“Glad our boys are back & sounds like they had a great time, we are proud of them & I am sure you are 2 that they could travel so far on their own.”

…… was out of character, I was suprised.  But my mother in law (ex) said I should take it as a good sign that she is warming to me.

ha ha….

The email I got today (shucks she writes to me a lot of late):

“………..If you want to be of any help then you can try and be a good ex wife by not being so much in one’s face all the time.  The boys are of such an age that they are able to communicate without your help or interference.  Know your place and I am sure I will be able to be more friendly with you and perhaps I will actually be able to tolerate you…………”

Sjoe.  Ok, then.